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As always you will find information regarding the hunting areas in Bulgaria and the game species which can be hunted there. Over years we are hunting in these places. Our hunting trips are known for the great results and the good service, so this is what our guests always expect from us. Because of this reason every year increasingly hunters have trust in our company in search of new hunting challenges. The hunts for red deer, wild boar and chamois organized in the past few years finished with success rate over 90 %. The organization and services are evaluated in the hunting protocols from our guests as “good” and mostly even “excellent”. Therefore many of these hunters are now our long-term clients. On our page you will find all hunting destinations we offer you, current pictures and information and special offers. Please call us or write us. We are available anytime to advice you, also and to hold personal conversation. Our desire is to prepare proposal for your hunt, what meets all requirements and expectations.


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The BULGARIAN HUNT SERVICE LTD is established on 02.03.2000 year. Personally I accompany hunters in Bulgaria since November 1993. Since then I am constantly on the road with our guests. Based on my long experience with the organization and the full service during the hunting trips to anywhere in Bulgaria I have taken this big responsibility which is also great obligation for me. We (my collaborators and I) will advice you about the hunting opportunities in the different parts of our country, about the possibilities in the hunting areas and the nature specificity of our country. We are offering expert help for your planning overall trips. This covers not only service during the hunt, but also individual approach to the journey. For us is very important not only your hunting success, but also to enjoy our wonderful country and Bulgarian hospitality. Further we intend to present always update information on the diversity and distribution of wild populations of different species in Bulgaria and even the overall organizations of the hunt in Bulgaria to you and to our business partners abroad. Bulgaria is famous around the world with the quality of the trophies. In many excellent hunting areas in our country can be organized red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, mouflon, chamois, wild boar hunt, as well as predators and feathered game hunt according to the individual guests’ preferences. Meanwhile our clients can attest that hunting with us in Bulgaria is a real and a positive experience, and they are already thousands of foreign hunters.


As a serious and professional hunting company, we stand behind our offers and its services. This is expressed in succession of continuing study and control of our partners in the legal form of our company, which meet 100% of all problems.


Trust our experience of place and will not be disappointed. We will be glad to welcome you as our guests in Bulgaria.


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Game species allowed for hunt according the Law for Hunting and Game Protection in Bulgaria.


    We arrange hunts for red deer (Cervus Elaphus L.), wild boar (Sus Scrofa L.), fallow deer (Cervus Dama L.), mouflon (Ovis Musimon Pall.), chamois (Rupicapra Rupicapra L.), wisent (Bison Bonasus L.), capercaillie (Tetrao Urogallus), roe deer (Capreolus Capreolus L.)

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    Bulgaria is № 1 in deer hunting!

    The very good population of this specie and very reliable hunting organization, all of them take care hunters to return home satisfied after a successful hunt. At recent years, all our hunters succeed to bag one or even two red stags and their trophies in many cases weigh over 10 kg. Maybe that's the reason why many people think that in Bulgaria is expensive deer hunting. Quite the contrary. We have the lowest trophy fees throughout the Eastern bloc, especially in the category of 5 to 12 kg. And that are the deer hunted in Bulgaria - 5 to 8 kg in the mountain and 7 to 12 kg in the lowlands in northeastern Bulgaria.

    Stalking during the rut period is a real experience for the hunter. Nature and the rich of game hunting areas make our country so attractive. Here every hunter bags his trophy. Deer hunting during the winter also is very successful.


    National and world record - 273,60 CIC / 1989 Silistra




    The Fallow deer is not a main game specie in Bulgaria, but in some hunting areas can be hunt very successful. In their natural environment and favorable climatic conditions determine the good development of the fallow deer in Bulgaria. Many hunters are already convinced that their rut period is very powerful experience and brings true satisfaction of our guests. It is best to select a date so that be in the period from 10.10 to 25.10. Males roar all the day without stopping and are constantly in motion. Large trophies, however, should not be expected. Their average weight is estimated at 3 kg. In some hunting farms (for example VODEN), however, successfully can hunt a fallow which trophy weigh 4 kg and more.


    National record - 207,59 CIC / 1984, Voden




    More than 20 years, Bulgaria is regarded as Nr.1 destination in all Europe for hunting a big trophy wild boars. Individual wild boar hunting is highly recommended. The hunter stands and  waits during the night, mostly in a high seat. The winter stalking during the rut of the boars (November and December) also gives good results. Due to the large number of wild boars in the mountains and forests, Bulgaria offers a unique opportunity for good  trophies. In none other European country there is no such a big boars, as here. It’s not rare to bag a wild boar with length of the tusks more than 22 cm. These trophies are a gift from the Bulgarian nature. The Bulgarian boars are known not only with the big trophy, but also with the huge weight. The large portion deciduous forests, hunting areas with large territory and mild winters are some good privilege for the game.

    In some selected areas also we organize excellent driven hunts. From 2 to 3 hunting days  usually shoot reaches 40 wild boars. During the day we organize from 3 to 5 drives.


    National and world record - 158,20 CIC / 1986 Kormisosh




    Decades ago mouflons settled in Bulgaria from Central Europe and here they adapt perfectly. Usually the populations are in the mountains. Often the  mouflons are hold in hunting fences. In some areas in the Rhodope and Balkan Mountains, however, we are hunting the mouflon also in the free range.

    The best time for hunt is in November during the rut period and in the winter, when there is snow. Then the mouflon is very active and it is easier to find.

    The fights between the old rams during the rut period are a unique experience. The average length of the trophies is 75-80 cm, however we have several hunting areas, where is possible to bag a mouflon  with  length of the horn over 85 cm. Very good is the combination with wild boar hunt in the evening from a high seat.


    National record - 222,45 CIC / 1979, Voden




    In Bulgaria, the chamois inhabits the high mountains with subalpine character. In the Rhodope mountain and in the Balkan there is chamois inhabits. They are not so big, but very healthy populations that promise very good trophies. The trophy of the Bulgarian chamois is often more thin, compared with the rest of the Balkans. The average size is estimated at 90-100 CIC (for female) and 95-105 CIC (for male). The best time to hunt is in October for females and for males in December.

    An interesting fact is that you may hunt the males in Bulgaria also in the spring starting from April 10 and continues to May 10. This means that in April and early May hunters can hunt in our mountain areas chamois, brown bear, wild boar, mouflon ram, roe deer and capercaillie.




    Capercaillie hunting in Bulgaria can be determined as almost 100% sure. The biggest population is in the Rhodope Mountains, but  also are found in some areas in Rila, Pirin and Balkan Mountain. The hunting time is very short – only 30 days during the matching period. Unlike other countries such as Russia and Scandinavia, this type of hunting is relatively more expensive in Bulgaria. Hunter, who doesn't want to spend the night in a tent in Russia, but seek comfort are making the right choice, electing Bulgaria. Compared to other EU countries this type of hunting is better, safer and cheaper here (in Bulgaria). Our Capercaillie have relatively greater body weight mostly from 4 to 5 kg. It's worth to try in a combination with hunting roe deer in early May.




    The roe deer is also among the major game species in Bulgaria and  the hunting of roe buck  is highly recommended in many of our state hunting grounds. The hunting season starts at 1 of May and  lasts until the end of October. The best  hunting time are the first 3 weeks of the season as well as rut period in late July and early August. Roe deer is common in all parts of the country and the population is refundable quickly. Although Bulgaria is not well known destination for this kind, such as Serbia and Hungary, hunting is very well organized and successful. The average weight of the trophies is about 300 and 350 g, but in individual holdings (especially in Danube valley) are not uncommon and trophies weighing over 400 g.


    National record - 180,90 CIC / 1980 Old Oryahovo


    The wolf (Canis Lupus) takes very high place in the list of the most passionated hunters. We offer you fair chances to get him. It could be combined with jackal, fox and other predators, but also with another big game species.





    This kind of hunt is mostly accidental.( In the hunt races naturally always are hunted foxes and jackals). But the wolf is the biggest challenge for every hunter.

    In recent years, the presence of wolves especially in the mountains has increased substantially. Many of our guests, kill an wolfs while they are hunt for mouflon, wild boars, wild goats, or even deer. It is interesting that the wolves in the mountains are often significantly heavier and larger than the wolves on the plains. In mountainous areas is not uncommon to see "Grey brigand" and during the hunting of wild boar.Truly it is a big luck to have the opportunity to shot. In any case, one should not hesitate to use the smallest chance.

    In selected farms the hunting of wolfs is deliberately. This happens mainly in winter by betting bait and chances are pretty good. This hunt is worth it, especially when combined with the hunting of other game species.

    Imports of wolfish trophies (skin and head) from Bulgaria is possible. For this purpose, is necessary issuance of CITES-certificate. Information about  that you can receive from us. We will fulfill these formalities instead of you.


    Bulgaria is not exactly the small game destination, but we have a good variety of some winged game species like pheasant (Phasianus Colchicus), grey partridge (Perdix Perdix), rock partridge (Alectoris Graeca Cipriotes), woodcock (Scolopax Rusticola) which are successfully hunted in our country.




    In Western Europe is  unknown that in Bulgaria there are many well-managed areas rich in  feathered game. In difference of that, our country is very popular in the Mediterranean. Each year we welcome hundreds of hunters from Italy, Greece, Cyprus and even from France, who hunt pheasants, partridges, rock partridges, ducks, geese, woodcock, doves and quail in Bulgaria. Along with that can be hunted and rabbits.With the hunting of pigeon we  begin in early August.The daily hunt in northeastern Bulgaria is very good.The  area and the  biotope  are ideal for those pigeons - enormous agricultural massifs with cereals  chopped  by forest and waterways.

    In early October  began hunting of pheasants.Their populations, as well as these of rabbits are very good.6-8 hunters are shooting  during the day between 80 and 120 pcs. game. At the same time and grouse hunting.

    Woodcock hunting is a passion of many hunters of feathered game. But this type of hunting depends  very much of the time. Usually the best period is in November in the region of the Black Sea.

    In the Danube Valley we are  organizing  very successful hunting wild ducks and geese, mostly along the Danube, but also along the inland  areas in the vicinity.


    Taking hunting dogs is  possible. But the hunting farms dispose with their  own well trained dogs.


Bulgaria is already worldwide famous as a classic country for red deer and wild boar hunts. The red stag world record according CIC comes from Silistra and is 273,6 points CIC. Every year the greatest part of the capital trophies with over 250 CIC pts are shot in Bulgaria. The world record tusker (158.20 points CIC) is shot in Kormisosh. The world record wildcat (fur) - 82.99 points CIC - belongs to Bulgaria too.


To learn much more about the current hunting possibilities in various hunting areas in different parts of Bulgaria just write us or give us a call.





Location and area

Bulgaria is situated on the Balkan Peninsula whereat the Balkan, nearly 600 km long and almost 2400 m high mountain, divides the South from the North part of the country. Bulgaria occupies the eastern middle part of the whole Balkan Peninsula. It borders on 5 countries and on the Black Sea to the east. Bulgarian neighbouring countries are Serbia and Macedonia (west), Romania (north), Turkey and Greece (south). Bulgaria has a territory of 111.000 square kilometres which is slightly larger than Tennessee, almost so big as Cuba and twice and a half bigger than Switzerland.



The most important of the 16 Bulgarian mountains is the Balkan (Stara Planina) with its highest peak Botev and with 32 passes, the most famous among them is Shipka. Northerly from the Balkan begins the Danube plain, in the south is the high plateau of Sofia, the "Rose Valley" and the Trakia lowland. The southwestern part of the country is occupied by the Vitosha Mountain, with its 2290 m high peak Cherni Vrah (Black Peak), the Rila Mountain, with Musala (2925 m) - the highest peak in the Balkan Peninsula, the Pirin Mountain (Vihren peak - 2915 m), the 1604 m high Sredna Gora and and the Rhodopes (Goliam Perelik peak - 2191 m). 27,6 % of the territory is mountainous, 41 % - rolling and 31,4 % - flat. Forests occupy 27 % of the country. Besides Danube, which is the northern border of the country, the other 2 main rivers are Iskar (368 km) and Maritsa (322 km) which flow from Rila through Bulgaria. Danube has 10 tributaries (Iskar among them), and 7 rivers empty into the Black Sea.

A major part of the country is covered with fat lands (black earth, brown and grey forest soil). The land for agricultural use in Bulgaria is about one third of the whole territory, and most cultivated are the original steppe lands in the North and North-East (Danube plain and Dobrudja), which have became the granaries of the country.

The plant and animal species reflect the border and crossing location of Bulgaria. To the north of the Balkan and in the mountain regions predominates the Middle European vegetation and in the south it becomes more Mediterranean. In the most south part occur olive, myrtle, cypress and evergreen oak bushes. 25 % of the forests consist of coniferous trees, situated mainly in Pirin and Rila Mountains (pine, fir, larch). Deciduous forests take the major part of the woodlands.



The climate in Bulgaria is temperate continental tending to Mediterranean. Mean annual precipitation is about 635 mm but this conceals a wide variation. The four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter are clearly differentiated. Average day temperatures (centigrade) in the country:



The population of Bulgaria numbers 7,9 million. Bulgaria has a population density of ca. 71,2 persons per sq km (Germany - ca. 229, Switzerland ca. 154, England ca. 376). 85 % are orthodox christians, 13 % - muslims, other - 2 %. Bulgarians make up 88 % of the total population, 8 % are Turks, 2 % are Gypsies (Roma) and 2 % are Romanians, Armenians and other nationalities.




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